Neil & Kathy

We are a pair of empty nesters who have decided to enter the world of camping.  Neils job takes him around the world while Kathy manages the household.  We have three dogs which makes traveling difficult so we decided to take them with us.


Meet the Team

These are our three dogs



Apollo is the oldest at about five years old.  He is timid around people especially men.  He weighs about 88 pounds and is in the middle size wise.



Venus is the lady.  She is Neptune's sister and the smallest of the three at 78 pounds.  Venus is the cautious one and is always on alert.



Neptune is Venus' brother.  He is the biggest of the three at 98 pounds as he works on his second year.  He is also the happier go lucky one of the three.

This is Mars and Ares.  Mars is the darker one.  Yes Ares is not a Roman name.  These two rascals were "given" to us by our Daughter.  They seem to travel well  .

Mars and Ares

We inhereted these two

kittens from our daughter.  Mars

maintains our Roman theme while Ares

is the Greek version of Mars.