Customizing the RV

We have been doing lots of minor customizations of the RV to make it right for us. We started by doing the Cheap Handling Fix including adding the spacer plates to improve the handling. There is a video This has greatly improved the handling of the RV at a cost of only $60.

Next we added GPS to our stereo unit. We were using a phone app but if you loose wifi then you loose your gps. A built in unit is much more reliable and easier to use than a phone app. The other thing about the nav add on is that it has a truck setting which helps us avoid low bridges and weight restricted roads. There is a video for that also, Another reason to use an add on unit over replacing the entire head is that we have backup and side camera’s through this unit and it is our video player for the televisions. I wasn’t sure how hard it would be to wire all of that to a new unit.

Our RV has ceiling vents but no fans. I wanted to add a fan to the vent in the living room to remove my wifes cigarette smoke and to pull and bring in air. We picked the Maxxfan 6200k for a few reasons. The first reason is that the 6200k is reversible. The second is that it can be used during the rain and with the RV in motion. The 6200k is reversible with 10 speeds and a thermostat. Higher models from this brand have a remote control (just what we need another remote to deal with) and lower models loose the thermostat, number of speeds and reversibility. The install for this was amazingly easy in part because the RV was prewired. I don’t believe that the bathroom vent has any wiring. We of course made a video for this also.

Our last (for now) modification was the entry door window. Almost all RV’s and Travel Trailers come with an ugly white frosted window in the door. We changed ours out with a Thin Shade window. The Thin Shade gives you a tinted window that you can see out of but mostly blocks others from seeing in. The window matches the other windows on the RV and for me it reduces my blind spot on the right side of the camper. The Thin shade also has a built in shade which is nice. The shade works like most camper shades except because of the way the screen door is on the inside of the campers door you must open the door to operate the screen. This was another super easy install that would have taken about a half hour if not for the rain. It’s not very good (as if I have ANY good ones) but we have a video of the install.

Oh yeah, we did one other mod recently. We changed the door lock to a RVlock V4 which lets us use a combination to lock and unlock the camper. Sorry I actually don’t have a video or picture of that but here is a link to their website.

I almost forgot the best mod of all. Our RV was so loud on the highway. I added insulation under the floor and under the engine cover. Wow what a difference it made.

Thanks for reading, you can always check out our videos at

See you at the campground.

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