Getting the trailer washed

We bought our trailer at the end of January and have taken it on two trips to date.  In that time we have not gotten around to washing the trailer and it has been getting pretty dirty.  One problem we have is that by mid-day the sun is blasting our driveway and that bakes the soap on while you are trying to wash your car/trailer/truck.  Yesterday I called Blue Beacon Truck Washes and was quoted a price of $29.50 to wash our 28 foot trailer, really, that’s less than most car washes!  Well I got busy and hooked the trailer up to the truck to head 7 miles down the road.  Of coarse life is an adventure and as I finished attaching the trailer to the truck the rain started.  We headed out anyway as the rain was only going to last a few hours and the outside of the trailer was filthy.  So did I mention life being an adventure?  As we headed to the Interstate and were sitting at the light to head down the entrance ramp we noticed traffic was backed up for miles and not moving at all.  Well, we pulled out of the turn lane but had to turn around to take a different route.  You can not just do a U-turn or use someone’s driveway to turn around with a large trailer so it was about a 4 mile trek to go around the block and head back in the opposite direction.  Did I mention the life is an adventure thing?  We were getting a little low on gas so we stopped at a Flying J truck stop to get some gas.  Flying J has some dedicated RV gas lanes which is nice, however the one’s at this one are not covered.  Did I mention that it was pouring down rain?  Flying J gives Good Sam members a discount on gas which is nice, however you have to take your card inside and prepay to get the discount.  Did I mention the pouring rain?  I had to cross two flowing rivers of water to go inside and pay for the gas and of course the same to get back to the trailer.  After adding some gas to the tank we headed another mile down the road and finally arrived at the Blue Beacon Truck Washes.  Having never been there before and the rain making it hard to see the lay of the land we were kind of floundering trying to figure out which way to go.  A nice employee came out in the rain and explained to us that we had to circle around to the back of the building to pull through.  We did pull around but a truck had beat us out and we had to wait in line.  I have a little bit of video on our you tube channel and will add a link if you would like to see them washing the truck.  When our turn came up we pulled forward into the building and they got right to work.  Normally you stay in your vehicle while they do the wash, but we went inside to pay and Kat headed outside to have a smoke.  They have a crew to do the wash and so it doesn’t take very long.  We had them do the truck while they were at it and it only added another $18 to the price.  Overall it was a good job for a wash, there were some sappy streaks that they could not get off though they gave it a try.  Blue Beacon offers a few extra services with the wash if you want, here is the link to their website so you can check them out.  For a quick clean we will use them again.

See you at the campground


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