Our New Kamper

Well, we made a big mistake! On September 12th we went to the Harrisburg/Hershey RV show. In my article How much does your rig weigh I mentioned that our trailer was to heavy for our truck. It was the tongue weight of the trailer plus the weight of Myself and my Wife and the dogs exceeding the cargo weight of the truck. We had two options, get a new truck or trade in the trailer for an RV, we chose the latter.

We really went to the show on a fact finding mission not to buy an RV. The show gave us an opportunity to look at many different RVs and compare prices and features. As we were preparing to leave I looked at one more unit and found the one I wanted. Kat was looking at something else and I went and dragged her to the RV I had found.

The layout of the rv was spacious and comfortable with a bright and airy atmosphere. The RV had a king size bed and a double refrigerator. The couch is a full size hide-a-bed and there is a bed above the cockpit. I’ve added a page that will be dedicated to the FR3 30DS and a page for the trailer that we traded.

Well we ended up buying a 2019 FR3 30DS. It’s along the lines of an entry level RV but we really like it. This model has the “X” package which gives you a second AC (both include heat pumps) the dual french door refrigerator and a 5k Oan generator.

We were going to take the RV camping right away but our delivery was delayed a few days. We will get a trip in mid October so check back with us on that.

See you at the campground,


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