Trip Number Three!

I’ve been a little negligent on any updates for a while, but a lot of non camping issues popped up since our last trip in May. We were unable to go camping at all in June which was very disappointing. We are gearing up for a trip in the second half of July which we are very excited about. This will be amuch bigger undertaking for us. To start with we will be going to Assateague Island for a night. This is our first attempt at boondocking, even though it’s just one night I’m pretty excited to give it a try. I ordered two 6 Volt golf cart batteries as an upgrade and will hopefully be picking them up tomorrow. I also ordered a pair of rechargable fans since we will not have any air-conditioning.

One of the things that I want to do on this trip is to weigh our rig. I want to confirm that we are within the limits of our truck and trailer capacity. We want to leave for Assateague very early so that we can explore a little during our short stay, so we will pack up the trailer the day before and take it to get weighed. To weigh the rig we need to have the trailer fully packed and fill the propane and water tanks. To be totally accurate we will need to take the dogs with us since they weigh over two hundred pounds combined.

It’s a good six plus hour drive from our house to Assateague Island so I would like to leave around five in the morning so we can get there early. We will have to plan on a few stops for the dogs along the way. They have done well travelling so far but they have never been subjected to a six hour ride.

After our short stay at Assateague we will be heading a little further South to Cape Charles Virginia. We will be spending four nights there which will make this our longest trip to date. On our last trip we stayed three nights and when it was time to go my wife Kathy was wanting to stay later, so I think things are going to be alright on this trip, especially if we see the wild horses at Assateague.

As I’ve mentioned in other posts, our dogs are a major factor in where we choose to go camping. The biggest challenge is finding campgrounds will to accept three dogs. Cape Charles allows the dogs and they have a dedicated park and beach where we can let the dogs run off the leash. They should enjoy that. I also can’t wait to see them interact with the water.

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