Why We Bought a Trailer

So I am going to have to go back to December and work my way up to the present because I am starting this a little late in the game. Don’t worry though, I am only about 3 months behind.
So this trailer idea all started after last summer when my wife Kathy and I were going to try to get away for a few days. Kathy found some cabins at one of the State Parks here in Pennsylvania and I called to see if we could bring our dogs. Yes was the answer if you have only two or less. So we decided that if we had a trailer it wouldn’t matter because the dogs would be in our property. We were partially right/wrong. In PA State parks there is still a restriction as well as some of the public campgrounds around the country. We are excited to grab the dogs and travel over the next few years and see this awesome country of ours!

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